Biometric Lock System: How It Works

Like most electronic access control systems in Singapore, the biometric door access system uses a programmed template and a set of characteristics to limit the entry to an area. In this case the characteristics used are the biological features of the personnel. The system stores data of the biological information, and whenever a scan is performed, the information is matched to the details that were stored to confirm that the person has authorized access.

This means that the biometric door access system has three key components, such as the sensor, computer, and the software. Biometric thumbprint works by using a fingerprint scanner system which gets and then stores the image of the patterns of the fingerprints. The image itself is not saved, but is converted into a series of numbers that is unique for each person, because fingerprints are also unique. Every time you place your finger on the scanner, the computer will compare the image to the stored data before you can be given or denied access.

Facial biometric on the other hand works through facial recognition technology by positioning the eye in front of a scanner. It’s like taking a photo of your face and analyzing the distances of the facial features, then comparing the result to the stored data. Like fingerprints, facial features are unique, specifically, the computer measures the distances between the nose, eyes, cheekbones, and the jawline.

How Do the Two Systems Compare?
The most commonly used biometric door access system is the biometric thumbprint, but facial biometric is quite useful in large institutions and in public areas because the capture, extraction, comparison, and matching process is fast and unobtrusive. Sometimes, the people are not even aware that their faces are being scanned. However, biometric thumbprint can also be integrated in other business or office entry systems in Singapore, such as the time or attendance systems, payroll, billing and accounting, and tracking.

Both systems are also more sophisticated and reliable than card access door and pin access door system, because the biological features are difficult to fake or guess and cannot be forgotten or misplaced. If the biometric door access system is connected to other security and communication systems such as the intercom, any intruder or security threat can be easily dealt with.

How is it Installed?
All access control systems have a basic structure that uses hardware and software to be effective. This also means that besides the reader, door lock, control panel, access control server, software, and database, you will need to install other systems to make it work. Physical security and barriers, intercom and other communication systems (such as video and two-way radio), and network security are all important. Contact the nearest access control system provider to conduct an inspection and assessment of your security needs.

Security is the topmost priority of any property owner in Singapore. To ensure optimum level of safety and security, purchase high-tech types of door locks, such as biometric lock systems.