How to Trim Your Pet Dog’s Fur Correctly

Find yourself going to the pet grooming service too often and it’s too expensive? Then why not do it yourself?

Though there can be some dogs that aren’t afraid of going through a little trim, most would start running under the kitchen table at the sight of clippers. However, trimming your dog’s coat doesn’t have to be that hard – once you get them to calm down, there’s really nothing to be afraid of.

Here are some tips that you should follow to keep your pet’s precious coat feeling luxurious and healthy:

  1. Bathe and brush your dog regularly.

A good part of making any pet grooming service easier is to make sure that the fur coat clips easily, and that means bathing and brushing your dog regularly.

It helps to cut off any matted hair because the locked-in moisture as well as the dried skin could host bacteria and mites that could cause irritation, as well as prevent tangling and clumping that could make grooming difficult, or even painful.


  1. Go for clippers.

Most clippers are really cheap and you can go for any style, but if you prefer to go for something more specialized just for your dog, make sure that you buy a clipper specifically designed for pet grooming in Singapore from local pet shops.

You should also take care of your clippers. Invest in clipper spray to keep your blades clean and well-lubricated. Make sure that the blades are sharp, as they’re more likely to hurt your dog if they’re blunt.

You should also make sure that the blades don’t get too hot, as they can burn your dog. Make it a habit to turn them off regularly and check their temperature by touching them. If your blades get too hot, you can either let the clipper rest, switch out the blades, or put the hot blade on a cold baking sheet.



  1. Know when you should trim your pet’s coat.

If your pet has a long coat or one that keeps on growing, a time period of six to eight weeks would be a good start. Dogs whose fur coats are regularly brushed to make sure matted hair does not grow are usually fine without grooming, but for dogs whose hair mats easily, you may need to clip their fur coats short more often.

What you should never do to your dog, however, is shave them completely. Though the humid climate in Singapore may make you want to make sure your pet is cool by removing their fur coat, you might actually end up making them more prone to overheating instead.


  1. Know your dog and its coat.

Though this doesn’t mean you can’t go for a little creativity when trimming your pet’s hair, it’s probably a smart decision to visit a pet grooming service or a veterinarian at least once for advice on what your dog’s ideal fur coat should look like and/or how thick it should be.