Why Trademark Registration is Important for Your Business

Aside from distinguishing your business from others, there are several reasons why trademark registration is important for your company to grow. A registered mark can be viewed as another way to refer to specific brands. That said, you are basically dealing with an organization’s identity whenever you deal with trademarks in Singapore – which happens more often than you think.

Intellectual property is also covered by local statutes and laws. As a business owner, you are obliged to abide by the laws if you don’t want to get in legal trouble in the long run. Think of it as hitting two birds with the same stone: you’re not only saving yourself from paying expensive Singapore court ruling fees but legally registering your trademark is also one way to protect your brand.


Most consumers’ purchasing habits and decisions are influenced by brands, trademarks, and the reputation these brands uphold. Hence, it is only fitting to view trademark in Singapore as an important asset to help propagate one’s business. It’s not enough to just register trademark. You must help cultivate the organization’s name and reputation so consumers can trust your brand in the long run.

In a world where competition exists wherever you go, it is encouraged to establish why people must come to you for their needs. It’s one wise rule if you want your company to thrive in the cutthroat business world.

Communication tool

Your brand/logo can tell a lot about your organization at one glance. Trademarks convey emotional and intellectual attributes regarding your business, as well as the products and services that you offer. Before you register TM, therefore, ensure that your trademark isn’t only effective in persuading consumers but also keeps your company’s professional reputation.

It’s not only limited to words. You can also choose to go by designs, which is far more notable because it goes beyond language or alphabet system. The iconic check/’swoosh’ design of Nike, for one, is easily recognized around the globe even with people from Thailand, Japan, and Germany.


Then again, you should always consider the other competitors in the market. For people to recognize your brand, you must go with a logo which stands out from the rest. Go with a trademark that is easy to remember, intriguing and/or catchy. Doing so is effective in gaining people’s interest than having a logo that is complicated, difficult to understand, and doesn’t describe your brand at all.

Consumers would always go for something they feel like they could trust. Your trademark must be effective enough in inviting people to put their trust in your business and the services/products you offer.


Trademark registration enables you to show your legal ownership over your product/brand to the public. That said, having a registered trademark gives you the right to use it as you deem fit without having to worry about legal repercussions. For instance, you can use it on the products your business offers to prove that the product belongs to you. That means: you have every right to use, sell, or modify the product in whichever way you want.

In so doing, you are also allowed to stop anyone else from using the trademark. If another company applies with the same name/logo as yours, you legally have the right to stop them from doing so (if you registered your trademark in the first place, that is).


It is important to register trademark with www.brandmark.sg in Singapore because it can become valuable over time. There is a positive correlation between your trademark’s value and the growth of your business. As your business grows, the value of your registered trademark also goes up at the same time.

Therefore, you have more reasons to celebrate if business is doing great. You also have more reasons to strive harder each day and aim for the best. Give yourself a pat in the back when it’s due, because you deserve it!

Promotes business growth

At some point in your business’ development and success, you might want to consider expanding on other ventures. For instance, if your shop offers cakes and patisseries, you may want to jump in the coffee business as well. If your shop remains unknown to consumers, there is a likely chance this new endeavor might lead to failure.

However, if your shop is known and has a solid and good reputation among loyal customers, consumers can easily trust your brand without any second thought. They will easily trust the brand and their services regardless of what field the business is planning to expand in.

Social media following

We now live in the digital era. Most people would hop on Google and search for the available establishments nearby. If your business has a registered trademark, you can effectively use it as a marketing tool on the Internet and various Social media platforms. This can help gain more potential customers who are looking for your products and services.

The good news is, putting up your brand on the front page of a search page or a social media platform is something you can achieve through the popularity of your trademark. Higher traffic can yield higher rankings, which likely translates to more customers and more positive brand recognition.

Trademark registration is truly crucial in any business. The corporate world is of cutthroat nature, so you will be left vulnerable to lawsuits and other legal issues if you don’t get your brand registered. If you want your company to thrive and flourish in the long run, it is encouraged to have your trademark registered as early as possible. Think of it as a worthwhile investment as well – because your business will surely reap its fruits over time.