Should You Choose Silk Flowers for Your Grand Wedding Day?

Deciding which wedding flowers to use for the big day can be a thorough decision to make. There are factors you need to consider; such as the designated budget you are willing to allot for the floral decor, the temperature of the wedding hall and reception, as well as the means of transportation. Before you arrive at the final choice of flowers, it is important to ensure it’s the ‘right’ flowers for the occasion.

A wedding florist can help you make the task easier. They are well-versed at what they do, and they have likely handled providing bridal bouquet and other decor to other weddings. The decision-making process can be quite intimidating if you have little to almost no background when it comes to blooms, but you can always ask help from your local Singapore florist.

Perhaps one of the popular options among brides-to-be in Singapore is the silk wedding flowers. Although fresh blooms are timelessly beautiful, choosing silk flowers is the far more practical choice. They do not wilt in such harsh conditions nor do they freeze in cold temperature. Also, they are lightweight; hence they are easy to handle and transport around.

Delicate fresh flowers are often prone to falling apart. As they are vulnerable, they can be easily sagged during the ceremony or stomped on by one of your flower girls. Your silk bridal bouquet, on the other hand, is notably durable – and can retain its beauty even on your 20th anniversary!

However, any wedding florist would know that even the best (and most expensive) silk flowers cannot replace the scent of a real rose or the look of a live orchid. Silk flowers could only do so much. With that considered, here are some other benefits from a Singapore wedding flowers to choosing silk flowers for your wedding day:

1. Wide variety of colors

If you are keen on your grand wedding scheme, you can opt to choose a particular color to dye on your silk floral decor. Fresh blooms only have a limited range of color shades to choose from. More often than not, brides-to-be find themselves in discontent as their chosen flowers do not match the event’s color scheme at all.

With silk flowers, you have the option to dye it just about to any shade. So regardless of the color that you need, you can expect to get a perfect match.

2. Availability

Some fresh blooms are only made available during certain seasons. If your wedding falls on a date a little further than the limited season, chances are these flowers might not available or that they might be too pricey for your budget. If you’re leaning towards a practical choice, consider having silk flowers for your wedding day instead. You wouldn’t have any problem bringing your dream bridal bouquet to actuality with silk flowers.

Consider them the perfect alternative. They are made available any time of the year; hence you can choose any flower you desire. Your silk floral decor can be personalized for your wedding day regardless of the season!

3. Durable, regardless of temperature

Another benefit to choosing silk flowers for your wedding is that you can rely on its durability. These flowers are reliable in any temperature; in contrast with fresh blooms which may wilt in warm temperatures and freeze in chilly conditions. Keep in mind that an unexpected heat wave can easily ruin your fresh wedding flowers. Silk flowers can be considered a better option instead.

Headpieces, corsages, and other floral decorative pieces are susceptible to wilting from one’s body heat – so consult with your wedding florist if silk flowers can be made available as an alternative.

4. Long lasting

Even the best-kept fresh blooms eventually wilt and fade. You can’t use your fresh floral bouquet after the wedding, even if you want to. Although there are ways to preserve them (such as keeping them stamped in bookmarks or dipping them in gold, if you must), they cannot mimic the very same form and feel they had during your wedding day.

Silk flowers, contrastingly, can be kept indefinitely. Should you desire to display your bouquet, keep it as a dear souvenir, or even sell it in Singapore wedding forums after your wedding ceremony to gain back your spending – opt for silk flowers. Undoubtedly, they can be treasured for many years to come.

5. Allergy-free

Although fresh flowers are timelessly breathtaking, they are also notorious for triggering allergic reaction in some. Who knows, your guests may have an allergy to pollen or specific fresh blooms. Your fiancee might be sensitive too, or even yourself. If you want to be safe, using silk flowers for your grand wedding day is the perfect decision.

Since they are made of alternative materials, they won’t provoke allergic reactions no matter how sensitive you may be. Worry no more about your pollen allergies!

6. Mimic fresh scents

If you’re worried about silk flowers not smelling like the authentic, fresh blooms you desire – the good news is: you can have it scented. Your florist from in Singapore would know how to have your silk blooms mimic the scent of the real flowers. This means, your silk roses may not only look like but also smell just like an authentic bouquet of fresh roses (with all the other perks of silk flowers included, of course). At some point, your guests may never notice the difference!

Should you go for timeless, fresh flowers? Or be more practical and go with silk flowers instead? These are only some of the questions you need to decide on for your big wedding day. Both options have their perks, and you should go with one that best fits your circumstance. The last decision is entirely up to you – so choose wisely. Good luck on your wedding planning endeavors!

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*