How to Estimate Painting Costs

Painting a room is one of the cheapest things you can do to give it a facelift. Rather than buying new home accessories or furniture, giving your home a new coat of paint can drastically change its look for the fraction of the cost. As a matter of fact, many Singapore homeowners choose a fresh coat of paint to update their HDB interiors, due to its affordability.

But how much exactly does painting your home cost? While the best painter will know how to maximize your budget, it is also helpful for you and your painting contractor to have a realistic idea of the cost of your HDB painting service. Here are a few things that you would need to keep in mind while making a budget for your condo painting.

1. Size
Of course, the size of the room that is to be painted is one of the biggest factors that affect the cost of painting services. This is because the size of the room affects so many other factors in painting services. For one thing, larger rooms will mean longer painting times, more supplies and more paint. When estimating the amount of paint that you will need, a good rule of thumb is a gallon of paint for about 400 square feet of painting surface. Remember that you will be charged for the number of paint cans that a condo painting will need.

To save up on cost regarding the size of your room, you might want to stick to repainting rooms that are important to you. This can be the rooms that you spend a lot of time in, like your office or bedroom. If you’re the more extroverted type, you could prioritize the rooms that would be seen more often by your guests, like the living room and the bathroom.

2. Textured Walls
If your walls are textured, it will need more paint than non-textured walls. This is because textured walls increase the surface area of a wall, even if it doesn’t increase its square footage. The more texture there is on a wall, the greater its surface area will be. This will, of course, mean more cans of paint needed to complete the painting job. If your walls are textured, your painting contractor will add enough paint to cover an additional 300 to 350 square feet of surface. To hire Singaporean contractor to paint my house in Singapore is considerably an investment because of such.

When using painting services, try to limit the number of texture walls that need to be repainted. If your entire room isn’t made of textured surfaces, you could opt to not repaint that wall; you could also simply repaint the wall in its original color, to minimize the amount of paint that you would need.

You could incorporate this difference in color as a design choice, choosing to use these surfaces as an accent. Then, repaint the other walls as you would, considering the color of the already textured wall.

3. Speed
The time it would take for your painting contractor to finish their work is one of the things that would affect the costs for your painting contractor. However, estimating the cost can be hard, as it relies on a lot of other factors as well. For example, some painters can finish the job faster, but only the best painter can do it without sacrificing the quality of the painting service. On average, painters can cover about 100 to 120 square feet of surfaces in about an hour. This can be a good rule of thumb especially if your HDB painting service contract requires you to pay your painting service by the hour.

Another thing that you and your painting contractor should consider in terms of time would be the time it would take for a coat of paint to dry. This can take as fast as one hour or as long as two days. Of course, you should also consider the number of coats that are necessary for a surface. The number of coats required for a wall would depend upon the shade of the paint that you want. If the shade of the original paint is darker than the one you intend to replace it with, you will have to use more layers of primer. Another factor that would affect the number of layers of paint you will need is the material for the wall that you’re painting on. However, the best painter will be able to mitigate these factors and still be able to finish your condo painting as fast as possible without sacrificing quality.

4. Multiple Rooms
Another thing that would greatly affect the cost of your condo painting is the number of rooms that you will have to paint. If you are going to repaint multiple rooms, there are a number of additional factors that you will need to consider. For example, when choosing the colors of your paint, you will also have to consider how one room flows into the other.

While you could get away with painting all your rooms the same color, those who are not well-versed with color theory may end up with a drab and boring house. While this could still be a neat arrangement that has been pulled off in many Singapore interiors, it would be best to do a lot of research or hire an interior designer.

Should you choose to vary the shades of paint in every room, you would also need to make sure that each shade is harmonious with each other, and also harmonious to the color scheme of the room at large. If you’re choosing to save up on money, you could choose a scheme that would allow you to minimize the number of colors that you would need.