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Falling in Time

Nov 5 - Nov 12, 2011

World Premiere at Performance Works

By C.E. Gatchalian
Directed by Seán Cummings
Produced by Screaming Weenie Productions in association with the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company and Meta.for Theatre.
Developed in partnership with Playwrights Theatre Centre


Manami Hara (Eun Ha)
Kevin Kraussler (Jamie)
Allan Morgan (Steve)
Nelson Wong (Chang Hyun)


Set & Lighting Design by Itai Erdal
Sound Design by Michael Rinaldi
Costume Design by Christopher David Gauthier
Stage Management by Jethelo Cabilete
Production Management by Dani Fecko and Kenji Maeda
Technical Director: Tim Furness

Set and Lighting Assistance by Mandi Lau
Media Relations by Kimberly Plumley
Production Research and Cultural Consulting by Jenny Ye Kyung Sung

Screaming Weenie Productions
Meta.for Theatre Company
Playwrights Theatre Centre

Photo credit: Kevin Kraussler and Nelson Wong
Photo by Alistair Eagle

From one of Vancouver's major playwrights comes one of the most uncompromising and controversial Canadian plays in recent memory. Steve is an outrageous, embittered Korean War vet. Jamie is a cold, unfeeling ESL teacher. Chang Hyun is a Korean ESL student brimming with anti-Western sentiment. Eun Ha is a Korean woman who, against all odds, finds the will to survive.More

Across two continents and over a span of more than forty years, the lives of these four characters miraculously intertwine. A bold, epic exploration of war, sexuality, forgiveness and love, Falling in Time asks the question, why do men fear the feminine? And how do we let go? This production will be held at Performance Works.Back