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How to Estimate Painting Costs

Painting a room is one of the cheapest things you can do to give it a facelift. Rather than buying new home accessories or furniture, giving your home a new coat of paint can drastically change its look for the fraction of the cost. As a matter of fact, many Singapore homeowners choose a fresh coat of paint to update their HDB interiors, due to its affordability.

But how much exactly does painting your home cost? While the best painter will know how to maximize your budget, it is also helpful for you and your painting contractor to have a realistic idea of the cost of your HDB painting service. Here are a few things that you would need to keep in mind while making a budget for your condo painting.

1. Size
Of course, the size of the room that is to be painted is one of the biggest factors that affect the cost of painting services. This is because the size of the room affects so many other factors in painting services. For one thing, larger rooms will mean longer painting times, more supplies and more paint. When estimating the amount of paint that you will need, a good rule of thumb is a gallon of paint for about 400 square feet of painting surface. Remember that you will be charged for the number of paint cans that a condo painting will need.

To save up on cost regarding the size of your room, you might want to stick to repainting rooms that are important to you. This can be the rooms that you spend a lot of time in, like your office or bedroom. If you’re the more extroverted type, you could prioritize the rooms that would be seen more often by your guests, like the living room and the bathroom.

2. Textured Walls
If your walls are textured, it will need more paint than non-textured walls. This is because textured walls increase the surface area of a wall, even if it doesn’t increase its square footage. The more texture there is on a wall, the greater its surface area will be. This will, of course, mean more cans of paint needed to complete the painting job. If your walls are textured, your painting contractor will add enough paint to cover an additional 300 to 350 square feet of surface. To hire Singaporean contractor to paint my house in Singapore is considerably an investment because of such.

When using painting services, try to limit the number of texture walls that need to be repainted. If your entire room isn’t made of textured surfaces, you could opt to not repaint that wall; you could also simply repaint the wall in its original color, to minimize the amount of paint that you would need.

You could incorporate this difference in color as a design choice, choosing to use these surfaces as an accent. Then, repaint the other walls as you would, considering the color of the already textured wall.

3. Speed
The time it would take for your painting contractor to finish their work is one of the things that would affect the costs for your painting contractor. However, estimating the cost can be hard, as it relies on a lot of other factors as well. For example, some painters can finish the job faster, but only the best painter can do it without sacrificing the quality of the painting service. On average, painters can cover about 100 to 120 square feet of surfaces in about an hour. This can be a good rule of thumb especially if your HDB painting service contract requires you to pay your painting service by the hour.

Another thing that you and your painting contractor should consider in terms of time would be the time it would take for a coat of paint to dry. This can take as fast as one hour or as long as two days. Of course, you should also consider the number of coats that are necessary for a surface. The number of coats required for a wall would depend upon the shade of the paint that you want. If the shade of the original paint is darker than the one you intend to replace it with, you will have to use more layers of primer. Another factor that would affect the number of layers of paint you will need is the material for the wall that you’re painting on. However, the best painter will be able to mitigate these factors and still be able to finish your condo painting as fast as possible without sacrificing quality.

4. Multiple Rooms
Another thing that would greatly affect the cost of your condo painting is the number of rooms that you will have to paint. If you are going to repaint multiple rooms, there are a number of additional factors that you will need to consider. For example, when choosing the colors of your paint, you will also have to consider how one room flows into the other.

While you could get away with painting all your rooms the same color, those who are not well-versed with color theory may end up with a drab and boring house. While this could still be a neat arrangement that has been pulled off in many Singapore interiors, it would be best to do a lot of research or hire an interior designer.

Should you choose to vary the shades of paint in every room, you would also need to make sure that each shade is harmonious with each other, and also harmonious to the color scheme of the room at large. If you’re choosing to save up on money, you could choose a scheme that would allow you to minimize the number of colors that you would need.

4 Crucial Things You Need to Know About the Wires in Your Home

Electricity makes much of the conveniences of modern living possible, and as a homeowner in Singapore, knowing everything about your home’s electrical grid is important because it lets you know when something is wrong.

Here are a few things about them you should keep in mind:

1. They come in different types and sizes

While most wires used in homes and residential areas are made of copper and insulated by rubber, their sizes and covers vary. They are often identifiable by their different colors and markings.

These colors, which are a set standard under the Electrical Wire Color Code in Singapore, are the following: green and yellow for ground, brown for the live wire, and blue for the neutral. Occasionally, you may encounter a different color group of wires, which are green, red, and black.

Of these wire colors, green is still the ground wire, while red is the live one and black is the neutral wire. Knowing these colors will help you a lot when it comes to changing the plug or performing simple tasks that involve wires under the old color code.

2. Your main service panel is your friend

Service panels, or circuit breaker panels, are equipped with fuses, or circuit breakers, and are standard in every establishment all over the world. They are set in place as a safety measure against circuit overloading.

While older houses use fuses, newer houses often have circuit breakers installed. The difference between the two is that fuses are made up of a certain metal that melts with an unsafe surge, while circuit breakers have an internal switch that shuts them off.

Ideally, the service panel should be located in a specific location in the house (often near a few feet from the front door) and should be easy to access. This way, it’s easy to find them and turn the switches off in the event of a power outage or a circuit overload.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the main switches that are connected to which places at home. You can take a look at the blueprints of your home or simply test them by switching them on and off one at a time.

3. Concealed cables at home can be just as much of a hazard as cables that aren’t

As much as it is vital to our everyday lives, electricity is dangerous to work with anywhere, especially at home. Any problems you might have with your cables and wiring should be treated with caution; call a good electricity maintenance firm from Singapore in case of sparks or any other emergency issue.

You may think that concealed cables don’t pose too much of a danger, and you’re right – except that when you’re not familiar with the layout of your home’s electrical grid, you may accidentally cut or drill into one of them when working on improving your home.
Knowing the electrical layout of your home is a good way to keep these accidents from happening. If you have to re-work the layout of your electricals, be sure to do it in a way that makes them easily distinguishable.

It also helps for you to label your main service panel switches. Not only will this save you time later on, but it also helps you to tell which switch to shut down in the event of a circuit overload or when there is a problem on one of them that you can’t solve yourself.

4. Avoid doing complex electrical works on your own

A lot of electrical works problems at home are actually minor cases that you can solve yourself, whether it is applying duct tape to cover an exposed wire or replacing a flickering light bulb or an outlet, and you should be fine as long as you observe the proper safety measures.

You can even troubleshoot any problems at home, and here are a few steps you can take to do this:

• Start by identifying the cables that bring the power to the outlet or device.
• Find out where the cable goes. See if the outlets or devices are still working.
• Reduce the power load by unplugging any unused devices from the outlets.

However, doing complex electrical works on your own, without a license is extremely risky and dangerous, and could put you at risk of electrocution and severe burns without the proper training and skills needed to do it.

If you absolutely have to make these types of corrections with your cables and wiring because you’re experiencing problems with them, switch off all power from your main circuit breaker panel and call an electrician services in Singapore as soon as possible.

What Electrical Services Can Do For Your Home

Home safety is extremely important, and once your find out that something isn’t working at home and you find yourself unable to fix the problem yourself, calling a good electrician or electrical servicing business to fix the problem should be a priority.

When it comes to keeping your home’s electrical grid safe, organized, and up-to-date with the latest features that can enhance its performance and energy savings, you can expect a professional electrician services to get the job done.

Hiring a licensed electrician can help out a lot with all your electrical needs at home, and they even offer a wide variety of services, from installation, wiring, and repair to troubleshooting and even routine maintenance.

Biometric Lock System: How It Works

Like most electronic access control systems in Singapore, the biometric door access system uses a programmed template and a set of characteristics to limit the entry to an area. In this case the characteristics used are the biological features of the personnel. The system stores data of the biological information, and whenever a scan is performed, the information is matched to the details that were stored to confirm that the person has authorized access.

This means that the biometric door access system has three key components, such as the sensor, computer, and the software. Biometric thumbprint works by using a fingerprint scanner system which gets and then stores the image of the patterns of the fingerprints. The image itself is not saved, but is converted into a series of numbers that is unique for each person, because fingerprints are also unique. Every time you place your finger on the scanner, the computer will compare the image to the stored data before you can be given or denied access.

Facial biometric on the other hand works through facial recognition technology by positioning the eye in front of a scanner. It’s like taking a photo of your face and analyzing the distances of the facial features, then comparing the result to the stored data. Like fingerprints, facial features are unique, specifically, the computer measures the distances between the nose, eyes, cheekbones, and the jawline.

How Do the Two Systems Compare?
The most commonly used biometric door access system is the biometric thumbprint, but facial biometric is quite useful in large institutions and in public areas because the capture, extraction, comparison, and matching process is fast and unobtrusive. Sometimes, the people are not even aware that their faces are being scanned. However, biometric thumbprint can also be integrated in other business or office entry systems in Singapore, such as the time or attendance systems, payroll, billing and accounting, and tracking.

Both systems are also more sophisticated and reliable than card access door and pin access door system, because the biological features are difficult to fake or guess and cannot be forgotten or misplaced. If the biometric door access system is connected to other security and communication systems such as the intercom, any intruder or security threat can be easily dealt with.

How is it Installed?
All access control systems have a basic structure that uses hardware and software to be effective. This also means that besides the reader, door lock, control panel, access control server, software, and database, you will need to install other systems to make it work. Physical security and barriers, intercom and other communication systems (such as video and two-way radio), and network security are all important. Contact the nearest access control system provider to conduct an inspection and assessment of your security needs.

Security is the topmost priority of any property owner in Singapore. To ensure optimum level of safety and security, purchase high-tech types of door locks, such as biometric lock systems.

Property Management: The Basics of Contracting Your Property Painting

Maybe, for some home projects, do-it-yourself wall painting is acceptable; but for business rental properties, like condominiums, apartments, and commercial buildings, any condo manager would suggest hiring a professional painting service. The professional experiences and skills of painting contractors guarantee that your property will look attractive enticing and, in result, your managing agent won’t have a hard time looking for prospect renters.

For better understanding, here are the basics of contracting painting services—painting contractors’ duties, the process of hiring them, and negotiating the best price for their job.

What is a Painting Contractor?

These people usually work as a sub-contractor, under a general contractor, or can also hire themselves out directly to property owners and property management companies. Usually, painting contractors are small operation groups, ranging from one-man proprietor up to 30 painters working for a company.

How do I Find a Painting Contractor?

There are plenty of painting contractors all over Singapore. While many of them concentrate on painting alone, some perform associated tasks like minor drywall works, plaster repairs, molding, and trimming, and wallpapering.

When looking for a local painting contractor, property management companies like estate info from Singapore can provide recommendations for the most reliable local contractors. You can also ask colleagues or notice postages from lawns of houses along your homes’ neighborhood.

For bigger properties, like commercial buildings, which requires quality painting, local magazines display advertisements of established painting service companies. These magazines have lists of names and contact numbers of Singapore contractors—but be warned that most them are high-end workers and are quite expensive.

How do I Talk With a Painting Contractor?

One good thing about conversing with painters is that you don’t need specialized lingo, unlike talking with electricians and plumbers. Most contractors can easily explain the process and make things easy to understand for their clients. Some of the important points you may want to discuss with your contractor and managing agent are the cost of the paint and whether it’s already included in the estimated price, the type of paint to be used, the number of coatings to be applied, the timeframe of the job, and whether or not it’s preferable for the residents to vacate the place while the job is going on.

What Can Painting Contractors Do?

An estate managing company like www.estateinfo.sg from Singapore can help you find a painting contractor. These contractors can take on any kind of painting job, from painting windows to an entire building painting job. But for now, let’s just assume they’re painting the interiors of your property and doing some painting estate maintenance. You can expect they will do the following:

• Covering of objects and areas that are not included in the painting process, which may include the windows, floors, cabinets, kitchen counters, etc.
• Minor surface preparation, like sanding and scraping of old paint. “Minor” because stripping of old paint is a professional blaster’s job, not for painters.
• Removal of doors, lights, electrical plates, and other obstacles
• Priming new wall or the old paint with latex primer
• Double coating interior latex paint
• Double coating ceiling paint
• Clean-ups and final finishes
• Final evaluation between the homeowner and painting foreman

Beautification of property and estate maintenance is part of property management and one way to make sure your building looks striking to prospect clients is to exquisitely paint its interior and exterior walls. In doing so, let the professionals handle it and consider hiring professional painting contractors. Ask your managing agent for recommendations of quality contractors for top-notch painting results.

A List of Local and International Freight Quotes

Although your freight forwarder in Singapore will handle most of the negotiation and documentation throughout the transportation of your cargo, you need to know the documents and payments needed in the process. This will not only help you select the best freight forwarding company in the country, but it will also give you an idea how to simplify the process for both local freight and international freight, how much you will need to pay for the shipping, and the general trading practices in the international market.

General Rate Increase

Sometimes written as general rate restoration, the general rate increase refers to average cost of base rates plus the carrier’s tariff rates. In simpler terms, the GRI is the amount charged by a carrier, for example an airline or an ocean carrier, after increasing their base rate because of a high demand in the market. In a stable market, the GRI is usually applied annually or semi-annually, but the shipping demand can fluctuate within that year.

The changes in the GRI can still be applied to your cargo regardless of the date of the booking, because the price will still consider the date of the loading of the cargo. However, if you don’t want to be surprised by surcharge periods on your bill, your freight forwarding company in Singapore should warn you about the changes ahead.

Inland Delivery Charges

Not all cargo will be delivered by the same mode regardless if it’s for local freight or international freight. Sometimes intermodal cargo is arranged by the logistics company or the shipping company under contract with your freight forwarder to find the easiest and fastest route available. Some cargo cannot be transported port-to-port through ocean or sea freight, but they also might go through land-to-port and vice versa. Logistics company in Singapore like freightmaster forwarding services can provide means of transport of your goods, whether local or overseas delivery.

You should be specific when asking for the type of delivery you want for your cargo, because this will also affect your bill. Inland delivery charges for example isn’t just a port-to-port (or land-to-port or vice versa) but also includes a door-to-door transportation of goods. If you don’t include the inland delivery option even if you do need it, it will mean that you will have to look for a logistics services company to complete the delivery, because the freight forwarding process only covers the port-to-port delivery.

Customs Clearance

A lot of people forget that it’s important to anticipate additional fees to include customs duties, customs clearance, and other requirements. Even slight changes in the initial information about the goods transported can affect the original quoted price given to you, because customs duties will charge you for improper classification and other minor problems in the documents given to them.

Cargo Insurance

In case of lost or damaged cargo, you need to make sure that you have an insurance from both the logistics company responsible for the actual transportation of goods and from the freight forwarding services company in Singapore who will be acting on your behalf. Cargo insurance should be written in your shipping proposal or your final quotation as well as the coverage of the insurance. If possible, look for a freight forwarder who is willing to cover the insurance of the cargo from origin door or port to destination door or port.


There might be instance when the delivery of your cargo might be delayed due to natural causes such as weather disturbances or because of minor problems either on the part of the logistics company or the freight forwarding company. If the cargo stays too long at its destination port, you will be charged for extra fees.

To avoid demurrage, you should be aware about the allowed time for keeping cargo at the ports (this can vary in most countries) and anticipating how long the cargo will get to its destination. Making this simple mistake can cost you a lot of money, but a good freight forwarding services company should be able to help you avoid this problem.

Pallet Fee

The pallet refers to the foundation of a unit of load of cargo for handling and storage. The container is placed on a pallet and secured before it is transported through ocean or sea freight or air freight. Entrepreneurs are advised to provide their own pallets or to look for a freight forwarder in Singapore that can provide you with the pallets to save money in case the cargo is lost. You might be charged with additional pallet fees if the shipping company owns the pallets and the cargo was lost.

Courier Fees

Sometimes the freight forwarder forgets to include the courier fees in your shipment proposal or quotation, but you should look for this item especially if the freight forwarding services has yet to look for a shipping company or a logistics services or carrier. The courier is the party responsible for the transportation of the goods, as well as the arrangement of the types of transportation to deliver the goods.

The freight forwarder will be the party responsible for negotiating with the courier and how best to transport the goods in the shortest possible time, whether through land freight, ocean or sea freight, air freight, or a combination of any of the three.

Overweight Containers

When talking to your freight forwarder, you should ask about the maximum load amount of the chosen carrier. A full container load or full trailer load for example has generally lower rates than break bulk or loose cargo. You might also be charged additionally with the container management fee to cover the operational cost of container turn time.

China VAT

If your cargo passes through China or is destined for China, you should expect to see a value added tax in your bill. The freight forwarder is charged directly by the carrier or the shipping company, and the freight forwarding company in turn will charge you for the additional cost. If you fail to pay the recommended VAT, you might end up paying an additional 6% of the tax in your final bill.

4 Huge Red Flags to Watch Out For When Renting Property in Vietnam

Property is one of the most important purchases you will be making in your life, and because Vietnam has all kinds and types of housing structures that can be found in ideal locations throughout the city, there are so many options for you to choose from.

However, from villa rental contracts to Saigon apartment rental leases, there is always some paperwork that will tie you to the property for a period of time – which makes it all the more important that you make sure that you get the best deal when looking for a an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City.

Here are 5 red flags to look out for when choosing to opt for a villa rental in HCMC or rent apartment in Saigon:

1. Potential Structural Problems

The first way that you can do this is by looking for any problems in the way the place was constructed, such as rust stains, water leaks, and balconies that show cracks and are leaking. The same could be said for any poorly done repairs as well as any faulty electrical systems or wirings.

All kinds of structural issues can appear even in a condominium rental in district 1 in HCMC, and can either be caused by the use of incompatible materials during construction or inadequate flashings that allow water to seep through and compromise the structure.

However, there are other structural problems that aren’t obvious at first during the house tour and may only show up later when you’ve already rented the property. Be sure to ask your landlord all the questions you have in mind about the property you want to lease in best rent from Vietnam at Ho Chi Minh City before agreeing on renting the space.

2. Strange Odors/Poor Drainage

While these two problems may not always be related (and in most cases, quite rare), it’s still important that you look for these problems when you decide to rent apartment in Saigon.

Strange odors are the first thing you will notice the moment you step inside during the open house, and will be your biggest indicator that something is wrong inside the property. Usually, this is your telltale sign of an infestation (i.e. mold will smell like dirty socks, bed bugs will smell like garbage, etc.).

Poorly done plumbing in the property could also lead to any health and sanitation problems later on, and you can tell this almost immediately once you smell rotten eggs (an immediate sign of bad tap water). Drainage can be easily tested by letting water run down the drains or giving the toilet a test flush.

When it comes to checking out whether you want to rent apartment at HCMC in person, remember that the best smell is no smell.

3. Poor Conditions in the Neighborhood

If you’re an expat moving to Ho Chi Minh City, you want to make sure that you know the neighborhood you’re moving into as well as you can before you sign a deal or a contract, whether it’s a Saigon apartment rental or a villa rental.

Ideally, you don’t want to simply see the place in person before deciding to rent apartment in Saigon, but you also want to check out the neighborhood. If possible, try to befriend a local who lives nearby that you can ask questions to about the neighborhood you’re living in.

Once you find a place you like at vinhomes central park for rent in Vietnam, try to walk around the neighbourhood at least twice: once in the morning to see the people getting ready for the day, and once in the evening to know if the neighborhood is quiet enough for you to get uninterrupted sleep.

You might also want to consider a different location if the neighborhood you want to rent a house in happens to be too quiet. Seeing multiple that are suddenly “for sale” or “for rent” over the course of a few months could mean that the neighborhood is a bad one. It may simply be quiet, but it could also mean something else.

4. Poor Ventilation

Good ventilation is perhaps one of the most important parts to a rental property in Vietnam, which is why you need to check for this problem whether you’re looking for a condominium rental in district 1, a nice, quiet apartment for rent in district 2, or you instead want to rent a house in district 3 to be closer to the coffee culture in HCMC.

The reason why ventilation is so important is that stale air can cause dizziness and headaches, and could even aggravate any allergies and asthma that you or your friends and family members may have.

Airborne pollutants can decrease the overall quality of the air and give the whole property a funny smell, which is why it constantly needs to move around. Even if the apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City is small, having good air circulation will do wonders in making your stay as comfortable and breezy as can be.

While you need to look at the crucial factors that may pose huge problems later on when you decide to rent a house to stay in, or rent apartment at HCMC, you don’t always have to walk away from any minor imperfections that you find, such as a minor stain or a small crack in the wall.

As long as you don’t see these red flags when looking at your villa rental or apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City, you can almost certainly take your pick from a prime selection of properties in the bustling capital of the country.

Everything You Need to Know About the Tubes in Your Home

Before the existence of plumbing and toilets, people often disposed of their bodily waste anywhere downstream or covered it in dirt. However, this comes at the expense of quickly spreading water-borne diseases, which has been one of the biggest health problems of all time.

These days, the existence of sewage and plumbing systems are an important part of every building and is included in every building code all over the world, especially in Singapore. Most homes, offices, or buildings will often have this system installed.
The existence of this said system to carry water and waste away to be disposed of has been recognized as one of the most significant innovations in health and well-being in modern history. So what exactly is plumbing, and how does it work?

What Plumbing Is, Exactly

Plumbing is a term that refers to not just the pipes in your home but also the valves, showerheads, faucets, and even toilets that connect to them or, at times, to each other. The common uses for plumbing are not just the delivery of potable water and waste disposal, but also when it comes to heating, air conditioning, and gas.

Plumbing infrastructure is usually connected during the foundation of a house by certified super plumbers contractor from Singapore while your home’s foundation is being constructed. It starts with a single supply line from the main source and through the foundation wall. From there, the line is run throughout the home and is connected to various outlets, such as sinks, bathrooms, and faucets.

What’s in Your Home?

Plumbing can be essentially divided into two categories: water in (the clean water supply line) and water out (waste water lines). Extreme measures are taken to make sure that neither lines leak and that the waste water does not contaminate the clean water supply.

Plumbing works are required by law everywhere across the world to keep occupants safe. Basic plumbing works (without additional amenities) are often designed specifically not just to carry water into homes without deteriorating, but also to dispose human body waste without them posing a health hazard.

Piping used in many homes and buildings today is made from many different types of material, from steel, to copper, and even plastic. PVC piping is especially chosen because of its durability and resistance to corrosion in ways that metals such as copper or steel are susceptible to.

With that said, metal pipes do have their specific purposes. Distribution pipes for potable water supply are often made of either galvanized steel or copper. Plumbers will often refer to the latter in the industry as “iron”, and can actually be quite expensive and difficult to work with.

Here are some of the parts used in indoor plumbing you will most likely encounter at home:

• Pipe fittings – From nipples, elbows, tees, and even adapters, plugs, and crosses, pipe fittings are crucial in that they are essentially the joints that connect pipes to other pipes, whether larger or smaller.

• Valves – There are different types of valves that all work in different ways, but they all serve the same purpose: to limit (at times even completely shut off) the flow of water from the main water supply line before it reaches the faucets.

• Pipes and tubing – Pipes and tubing are the core of every indoor plumbing system. The only difference between a pipe and a tube is that the former has a nominal inside diameter of two inches, while it’s the latter’s outside diameter that’s two inches wide.

• Drains – Waste water from sinks and bathrooms often go through the drain, which is connected to another series of pipes that carry the waste water away to a treatment facility before being re-introduced into the water supply.

• Faucets – Faucets work in a similar vein as valves, with the exception that faucets are the endpoint for water access. Installing or replacing faucets is perhaps one of the few things you don’t need a plumber for.

• Sinks – Sinks can either be made of stainless steel or ceramic, depending on where they are to be used. Most kitchen sinks are often made of the former as it can easily support the weight and traffic of plates without easily buckling or being prone to being cracked or broken entirely.

Meanwhile, bathroom sinks are made of ceramic specifically because they don’t usually handle as much weight and traffic as the former.

Can You Fix It?

Ideally, a well-made home, office, building, or even apartment complex should not encounter any plumbing problems provided that everything is installed and used properly. As most plumbing systems are, there is little need to call a plumber for minor things. However, if major problems arise, like leakages through walls, the expertise from a certified plumber in Singapore like superplumbers.sg is highly needed.

For minor issues, like replacing a broken faucet head or unclogging a toilet, you can certainly DIY it. Being able to do these on your own can not only save you on the cost of having to hire a plumber (in some instances, you would have to hire a 24 hours plumber), but also teach you a useful life skill that you can use to deal with future inconveniences.

However, while there are plumbing problems that you can fix on your own, there are other times that should be best approached by a reliable plumber or a professional plumbing services in Singapore.

Plumbing services can install and repair all kinds of features for your home, such as anti-scald measures for water heaters, fixture S-traps, and even gas supply lines (which work similarly to the water supply line but the one you have is directly connected to your stove range).

How to Detect and Prevent Your VoIP from Getting Hacked

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP technology continues to thrive and gain more popularity as a reliable communication solution for Singapore businesses, whether big or small. With the benefits of cloud VoIP, such as scalability, mobility, affordability and overall efficiency, it allows enterprises and corporations to collaborate and connect with their associates, employees, partners and customers in a convenient and less costly way compared to traditional telephone services.

However, like any other technologies relying on the internet, hosted VoIP system can be tapped by cybercriminals for their own selfish uses. Although IP PBX telephone system is a reliable solution for communication, there are precautions you need to take into account to prevent any risk of getting hacked.

Signs Your VoIP Has Been Hacked

1. Fake Anti-Virus Notifications

Your VoIP system functions with the help of the internet. It connects to the internet and uses it to send and receive voice and video calls. If you or anyone in the network receives anti-virus notifications when the system is activate, notify your Singapore voip provider right away and have them check the source of the notification and remove the malware. Unfortunately, once you receive the fake notification, the hacker has already sneaked his way into your hosted pbx system.

Therefore, it is extremely critical that everyone in the network are trained to recognize these pop ups, and more importantly not to click on the message. In case the fake notification appears, shut down the entire network until an IT technician or your VoIP provide has provided a solution to the issue.

2. Irregularities in Call History

Unless you’re a call center company or concerned about call quality, there really is no need to constantly monitor every phone conversation that takes place, but you should at least check the call history. Geometric limits protect you from fraudulent calls, as well as let you monitor irregular call patterns.

For every IP address that enters your VoIP system, it must pass through a three-step authentication procedure. When you monitor calls, including incoming and outgoing calls, look for unrecognizable phone numbers or call patters. If patterns are present where it should not be, that’s a sign that your hosted pbx is hacked.

3. Webcams and Microphones Randomly Activates

Alongside the beneficial features of your IP PBX telephone system is your ability to make use of the webcam and mic features to make ad take voice or video calls. And although it should work to your advantage, it also serves as an open door for intruders. If anyone in your office starts to notice that the webcams and microphones are operating by themselves—recording conversations, turning itself on and off—then this could be another sign that your cloud VoIP is hacked.

Hackers can access your webcams and microphones to spy on your data in an effort to get private information, including financial data.

4. Internet Searches Redirects to Random Sites

When doing a search on the internet and you get redirected to another random site, it could be a sign that your VoIP system has been hacked. Another sign to notice is the presence of toolbars and extensions that were installed in your browser without getting your permission.

To protect your system from these hacking tactics, log out your admin portal and turn off your system when not in use.

5. Drastic Increase in Your Phone Bills

Another obvious sign that your system is taken over by unauthorized entities is if your phone bill drastically increases without apparent reason. One of the most common concerns in hosted VoIP system is the unauthorized use of the system.

When hackers gain access into your cloud VoIP, they can take advantage of the communication system and abuse it by making long distance calls. In result, your phone bills skyrockets if you are not able to detect the issue and report it to your VoIP provider here in Singapore.

Ways to Protect your VoIP from Getting Hacked

• Use Strong Passwords

“Qwerty_123” may look tempting for ease of recall, but https://www.crystalvoice.com.sg/ from Singapore strongly recommends changing the passwords of all your devices—from routers and firewalls to switches and IP phones—or anything connected to your hosted pbx. Using a default password or passwords like the aforementioned is no doubt the easiest way to get hacked. Similarly, do not use a weak password, like the name of your company or your birthday. Instead, use a combination of alphanumeric and upper-lower case when creating your password.

• Encrypt Everything!

Since VoIP calls are made via the internet, they can easily be intercepted if they are unencrypted. Even encryption of conversations made over the IP PBX telephone system may not be enough to protect critical information. As much as possible, you want to encrypt everything from the calls to the hardware and software used to border controllers and VoIP routers.

• Train Your Team

The best protection you can have is common sense—changing default passwords, only using secure network connections and not clicking on malicious looking advertisements and websites. If you are not sure of what you are downloading, simply do not attempt doing so. Training everyone in the office is the simplest preventive measure to keep your system safe from hackers.

Regardless what you are protecting, whether it is user data, business operations, phone call information or just any cases of fraud, security should always be your top priority when establishing a network. Other than keeping in mind the tips we mentioned above, it would be helpful to talk to a reliable VoIP service provider in Singapore for more security solutions for your VoIP system.

Make Your Dream Home Come True at Kahuna Ho Tram

Achieving your dreams takes hard work and commitment, that is why you need to make sure that your effort counts through a valuable property investment. Why not go a step further and invest in condo that overlooks a spectacular view of one of the most beautiful beach towns in Southeast Asia—Kahuna Ho Tram?

The word “kahuna” is a Hawaiian term for “big waves,” quite appropriate for a development that will eventually rival prime entertainment and holiday spots such as Las Vegas, Macau, and Phuket.

The Location and History
Located at the quaint beach town of Ho Tram in the Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, Vietnam, Dự án Hồ Tràm as it is called by the locals is just within traveling distance from Ho Chi Minh City. Do not let the quiet and pristine beach town give you the impression of a backwater resort, because kahuna at Ho Tram Vietnam is located near the Vung Tau Cape, formerly known as Cap St. Jacques. As the twin sister of another beach town, Ho Coc, the province has long been marked as one of the strategic trading and commerce areas in Vietnam.

If you invest in a Vung Tau condo, you will come to know its colorful history as a former trading post, a pirate base for Malays in the mid-1700s, and as a fortress against the French army in the 1800s. It was only later during the Vietnam War that Vung Tau became a popular destination for local and foreign tourists for rest and relaxation. In 1991, Vung Tau became a city in the Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province.

Known not just for its beautiful beaches and historical landmarks, Vung Tau, where the Ho Tram strip is located is also known for its oil industry, shipping, various theme parks and resorts, religious festivals, and holidays. Besides the Ho Tram and Ho Coc beaches, you should also check out Bai Truoc and Bau Sau. Vung Tau is also home to Bau Trung, Vung Tau Aquarium, and majestic Buddhist temples and pagodas.

The Amenities and Facilities
Kahuna Ho Tram is the name for the integrated beach resort that includes not just property investment and holiday resort investment opportunities for families and entrepreneurs, but facilities for those looking for a relaxation, entertainment, and time with family and friends.

The Kahuna Ho Tram Strip or Dự án Hồ Tràm includes a condotel tower, beach villa for sale (beach front and garden units), and villa beside golf course. All three opportunities to invest in condo are centered on the same concept of an unobstructed view of the beach. This means that all the condominium units and beach villa for sale with have views of the sea. Other amenities such as swimming pools and Jacuzzis, depending on which unit or villa you pick, are included.

The developer, Ho Tram Project Company Limited is the overall developer for the integrated resorts in the Ho Tram area that covers a total of 164 hectares. Residents and guests can enjoy the world-class The Grand, a five-star resort with 541 rooms, the Beach Club which is another five-star hotel, and other premium facilities. Kahuna Ho Tram also features the famous large-scale casino, spa, ballroom, mini-golf, convention areas, fine-dining restaurants, and waterslide.

One of its highlights of course is the The Bluffs, the impressive golf course designed by Greg Norman, former golfer. The course covers a total of 2,300 m2 that brings world-class competitive golf closer to home. If you invest in condo, you might get a chance to own a villa beside golf course, one that’s rated as one of the 100 best golf courses in the world.

Kahuna Ho Tram Condotel
Kahuna Ho Tram Condotel
The Kahuna Ho Tram Condotel is a twelve-story building that will make you feel as if you’re at a luxury cruise ship. Like the villa beside golf course units, some penthouses and corner units will also include views of the world-famous golf course, Kahuna Ho Tram Strip The Bluffs Golf Course. Each unit is equipped with either a Jacuzzi or a private pool (may be indoor or outdoor). Included in the Kahuna Ho Tram Condotel are 8 penthouses, 130 standard units, two ground floor corner units, and 14 corner units in the entire building.

The Kahuna Ho Tram Condotel standard units have four types, with one type that includes a private swimming pool. Each standard unit comes with one living room and kitchen, one bathroom, and one bedroom. Check out www.kahunahotramresort.com for actual photos of these luxurious villas for rent.

Kahuna Ho Tram Double Key Garden Villas
These thirty-six spectacular beach villa for sale come with a Jacuzzi, private garden, pool, and access to the reflection pond and the waterway. Not only will you enjoy the privacy of owning a dream house, you will also have the option to create a three-bedroom unit villa for rent.
The first level of the Vung Tau condo consists of two bedrooms, living room, and dining and kitchen areas. The second level has one bedroom and a Jacuzzi to maximize the beautiful views of the Kahuna Ho Tram Resort.

Kahuna Ho Tram Single Key Beach Front Villas
There are a total of eight single key beach villa for sale, which are larger and grander than the double key garden villas. Each unit includes three bedrooms, maid’s room, living room, and a private swimming pool.

These villas are considered the crown jewel of the Kahuna Ho Tram Strip phase because of the breathtaking views of the beach and the larger unit area of 364m2.

With the development of the Kahuna Ho Tram villas and condotel, the area is poised to become one of Southeast Asia’s top destinations for investors and tourists looking for world-class rest, relaxation, and entertainment.

10 Must-Have Integrations For Your CRM

The process of purchasing the right CRM software for your Singapore business is time-consuming and requires thoughtful decision. It’s a meticulous process, like you’re shopping for a new home for your future family.

On one hand, you’re thinking whether you need a bigger space. You look around for options that offer more rooms, but you also got to consider that more space means bigger price. Do you really need that much space? Do you think you’ll grow enough to warrant the extra spaces, or you can do away with less? In the next five years, will you outgrow it and have to face the whole process again?

Many CRMs today try to do so many things. But what really defines a good CRM software? Is it the automation abilities, contact management or interoperability with other applications? It really depends on the user—you. It could be one or all of those features that make a customer relationship management tool effective.

However, having a few more helpful features on the table won’t hurt. Here we list some of the basic, yet extremely helpful integrations your crm software in Singapore should have.

1. Accounting

If you are using your CRM more than just a contact management app, chances are you want to integrate it with the accounting software you are using, too. Doing so will allow you to create sales quotations, invoicing, order forms and expense claims without having to switch screens. You are also able to store all your documents in the cloud CRM for easier access.

2. Business Intelligence

Your CRM system houses a lot of information, files and other important data, and you want a way to centralize all of them. While some customer relationship management tools have built-in reports, dashboards and analytics, your business may need a more advanced and dedicated platform. Centralize your data, track lead activities, customize sales reports and create sales forecasts with third-party analytics app. If not familiar with it, bring it up and discuss it with your CRM provider.

3. Social Media Integration

You will need your CRM for your social media marketing and services. Make sure that your CRM system is connected to your company’s social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, Pinterest, you name it. But at the very least, your CRM should integrate the most used social networks that can help market your products, like Twitter and Facebook—which can provide real-time notifications and has the ability to post products and marketing ads from your CRM system.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best examples and most used form of digital marketing. While there are so many areas to dedicate your digital marketing budget—online advertisements, content generation, search engine optimization—direct email marketing puts the relevant product and information right in front of the lead. With the right marketing solution, you can track responses, personalize your approach and get the most qualified leads for your sales team.

5. Computer Telephony

If your company typically spends a lot of time and generates sales through phone calls, you will find computer telephony highly useful. There are CRMs that allow one-click calls with the use of VoIP from within your CRM system. The call button is available wherever the contact info is viewed from the platform, eliminating the need to switch windows or dial the numbers manually. Just ensure to clarify with your provider whether your package allows for unlimited calls or charges you with per-minute rate.

6. Automated Calendar

Most CRMs available for Singapore businesses allow sales management, appointment scheduling, event management and task management, which all benefit from an automated calendar. Having to choose between employees’ personal calendar app and the business’ CRM system is frustrating to users, all the more having to update and maintain two different applications. Many CRMs available today integrate popular calendar apps like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Outlook Calendar, so you and your staff can easily track upcoming business schedules.

7. Mobile Integration

Making sure that CRM features are available on mobile is essential for an efficient workforce. If your sales reps use their mobile phones to update lead information, have them download and install your business’ CRM’s mobile application for synchronized data access anytime, anywhere.

8. Analytics

Storing data in cloud CRM is the highlight of most CRMs, but you need to look beyond storage to ensure optimum functionality of the system. Centralized storage is great, but not enough; understanding the stored data and what they signify holds more importance. Your CRM software should integrate decision-making analytics and be able to present data in a way that’s easy to identify patterns, leading to better decision-making.

9. E-Commerce

A company with an online store can benefit from www.crystaldash.com in Singapore by expanding their marketing strategies to online customers and incorporating the online store’s performance data into the CRM system’s generated sales reports. This integration helps retailers to anticipate demand, minimize data loss and divide consumers by channel.

10. Mapping of Business Processes

Your customer relationship management tool should reflect your business processes. Each enterprise has its own business processes and your CRM should be flexible enough to cover your entire business processes. It should be able to secure that each stage of the process has the necessary data to proceed to the next step and that the process is executed on time. So, before deciding on a CRM software, make sure that it can assist the way your operations work and be able to help increase your efficiency and productivity.

These integrations are the most basic that any CRM system should have, regardless of the type of business you have. The right CRM features should be able to bring your company together and increase creative focus for better profitable opportunities.

Why Trademark Registration is Important for Your Business

Aside from distinguishing your business from others, there are several reasons why trademark registration is important for your company to grow. A registered mark can be viewed as another way to refer to specific brands. That said, you are basically dealing with an organization’s identity whenever you deal with trademarks in Singapore – which happens more often than you think.

Intellectual property is also covered by local statutes and laws. As a business owner, you are obliged to abide by the laws if you don’t want to get in legal trouble in the long run. Think of it as hitting two birds with the same stone: you’re not only saving yourself from paying expensive Singapore court ruling fees but legally registering your trademark is also one way to protect your brand.


Most consumers’ purchasing habits and decisions are influenced by brands, trademarks, and the reputation these brands uphold. Hence, it is only fitting to view trademark in Singapore as an important asset to help propagate one’s business. It’s not enough to just register trademark. You must help cultivate the organization’s name and reputation so consumers can trust your brand in the long run.

In a world where competition exists wherever you go, it is encouraged to establish why people must come to you for their needs. It’s one wise rule if you want your company to thrive in the cutthroat business world.

Communication tool

Your brand/logo can tell a lot about your organization at one glance. Trademarks convey emotional and intellectual attributes regarding your business, as well as the products and services that you offer. Before you register TM, therefore, ensure that your trademark isn’t only effective in persuading consumers but also keeps your company’s professional reputation.

It’s not only limited to words. You can also choose to go by designs, which is far more notable because it goes beyond language or alphabet system. The iconic check/’swoosh’ design of Nike, for one, is easily recognized around the globe even with people from Thailand, Japan, and Germany.


Then again, you should always consider the other competitors in the market. For people to recognize your brand, you must go with a logo which stands out from the rest. Go with a trademark that is easy to remember, intriguing and/or catchy. Doing so is effective in gaining people’s interest than having a logo that is complicated, difficult to understand, and doesn’t describe your brand at all.

Consumers would always go for something they feel like they could trust. Your trademark must be effective enough in inviting people to put their trust in your business and the services/products you offer.


Trademark registration enables you to show your legal ownership over your product/brand to the public. That said, having a registered trademark gives you the right to use it as you deem fit without having to worry about legal repercussions. For instance, you can use it on the products your business offers to prove that the product belongs to you. That means: you have every right to use, sell, or modify the product in whichever way you want.

In so doing, you are also allowed to stop anyone else from using the trademark. If another company applies with the same name/logo as yours, you legally have the right to stop them from doing so (if you registered your trademark in the first place, that is).


It is important to register trademark with www.brandmark.sg in Singapore because it can become valuable over time. There is a positive correlation between your trademark’s value and the growth of your business. As your business grows, the value of your registered trademark also goes up at the same time.

Therefore, you have more reasons to celebrate if business is doing great. You also have more reasons to strive harder each day and aim for the best. Give yourself a pat in the back when it’s due, because you deserve it!

Promotes business growth

At some point in your business’ development and success, you might want to consider expanding on other ventures. For instance, if your shop offers cakes and patisseries, you may want to jump in the coffee business as well. If your shop remains unknown to consumers, there is a likely chance this new endeavor might lead to failure.

However, if your shop is known and has a solid and good reputation among loyal customers, consumers can easily trust your brand without any second thought. They will easily trust the brand and their services regardless of what field the business is planning to expand in.

Social media following

We now live in the digital era. Most people would hop on Google and search for the available establishments nearby. If your business has a registered trademark, you can effectively use it as a marketing tool on the Internet and various Social media platforms. This can help gain more potential customers who are looking for your products and services.

The good news is, putting up your brand on the front page of a search page or a social media platform is something you can achieve through the popularity of your trademark. Higher traffic can yield higher rankings, which likely translates to more customers and more positive brand recognition.

Trademark registration is truly crucial in any business. The corporate world is of cutthroat nature, so you will be left vulnerable to lawsuits and other legal issues if you don’t get your brand registered. If you want your company to thrive and flourish in the long run, it is encouraged to have your trademark registered as early as possible. Think of it as a worthwhile investment as well – because your business will surely reap its fruits over time.

When to Call an Aircon Servicing Company?

The air conditioning system is invaluable in any home and office in Singapore, but its continuous use also makes it prone to a lot of problems that need the expertise of an aircon servicing company.

If you experience any of the fifteen common issues listed below, do not hesitate to call an aircon repair or aircon maintenance crew to address the problem.

1. Thermostat Problems. The thermostat is that dial or button that controls the temperature settings on your air conditioner unit. Make sure that it’s working properly by hiring an aircon servicing company for proper aircon installation and regular aircon maintenance.

2. Sensor Problems. The sensor is part of the thermostat that measures the air temperature. If the temperature fluctuates or the cooling is uneven, you should hire an aircon technician to pinpoint the source of the problem. The sensor might be displaced from its spot or needs to be replaced.

3. Failure in the Electric Control. The aircon service contractor from Singapore can make sure that all the electrical parts in your air conditioner are working properly through regular aircon servicing. If your aircon shuts down for no obvious reasons, it could potentially damage the fan and compressor.

4. Cooling Problems. Your air conditioner might be working, but there will be problems in the cooling and temperature consistency. The problem could be solved by cleaning or replacing the air filter, but you should contact an aircon technician in Singapore to inspect other possible causes of the problem. Usually, units with this recurring problem have not been installed properly because its exterior is constantly exposed to the elements, vegetation, debris, and dirt outside. Proper insulation will also keep the temperature levels constant, that is why you should always ask for assistance from an aircon servicing technician when installing a new air conditioner unit.

5. Leaks in the Air Conditioner. Check for water leaks in your air conditioner if you notice any changes in the temperature. The condensate line could be clogged and dirty or there is ice around the aircon’s coils. Your air conditioner’s refrigerant might leak, causing the temperature of the cool air to fluctuate even if you do not touch the thermostat at all. If not addressed as soon as possible, the refrigerant can cause ice to build up on the coils. Make sure that your air conditioner gets regular aircon maintenance because the leaks might be found in places that are difficult to spot. The cost of repairs is affected by the extent of the damage and the location of the original leak.

6. Low Refrigerant Level. The refrigerant is the liquid responsible for cooling the air. If the levels are too low, it could be a sign that there is a leak. Call an aircon technician like http://www.airconmaster.sg/ in Singapore to inspect your unit and recharge the refrigerant properly.

7. Frozen or Dirty Coils. There are two coils that need regular aircon servicing from an experienced technician. The condenser coils, located outside the unit, are constantly exposed to the elements and need to be hosed down once a year. The evaporator coils, responsible for absorbing the heat from the air-conditioned space, also need aircon maintenance yearly or once every three years.

8. Air Conditioner Drainage. The drain line of your air conditioner needs to be kept clean regularly through aircon maintenance to remove the lint, dust, and dirt. If not cleaned regularly, the drain pipes can leak into the unit and damage the sensitive parts.

9. Air Conditioner Maintenance.
Other problems that might be caused by a poorly maintained air conditioner unit can cause it to stop functioning. When this happens, call an aircon servicing technician in Singapore to inspect the motor, compressor, and the capacitors of the air conditioner. Some parts that are beyond aircon repair might need replacement especially when they are worn out or are too dirty.

10. Exterior Unit Problems. The part of your air conditioner that is constantly exposed to the elements can be damaged by the heat, rain, and debris. Regular aircon servicing, however, can make your unit last longer and avoid these problems.

11. Faulty Wiring in the Air Conditioner. Faulty wiring can cause fires because the unit might not be getting enough power, or the unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker. To avoid these problems, you should hire an aircon technician to install, inspect, and maintain your unit.

12. Bad Odors from the Air Conditioner. Your aircon unit is not safe from moisture and growth of mold or mildew if not properly maintained. Your air conditioner goes through a cycle of cooling and warming, sometimes creating a problem in the evaporation of the moisture in the air. Schedule a regular aircon maintenance to keep your unit in good condition.

13. Dirty Filters. This problem can be addressed with regular filter cleaning or replacement. Dirty filters are often the cause of common problems in air conditioning units because they reduce the quality of the air produced and hinders proper air flow. Proper aircon maintenance, therefore, reduces the need for major aircon repair jobs in the future. If you are not sure that your aircon filter needs a replacement, call an aircon servicing company in Singapore to inspect and clean your unit.

14. Unusual Noises from the Air Conditioner.
Most modern air conditioners should not produce unusual noises like rattling, screeching, and clicking sounds. If this happens, it might be a sign that your aircon needs a thorough cleaning and inspection. Sometimes, hosing down the unit will do the trick; however, the strange noises could also be caused by faulty relays and more serious problems.

15. Proper Installation.
Call an aircon technician to install your new aircon unit. This will ensure that some of the common problems listed above can be avoided. The technician will also give you tips for proper usage and when to schedule aircon maintenance and which problems need immediate aircon repair.

Note: This list is compiled in no particular order.

6 Bike Accessories You Didn’t Know You Need

Whether you already own a bike or just purchased a new one, and consider it as your main transport means or just a fun outdoor hobby, consider adding a few bicycle accessories to make riding safer and more convenient for you. Other than your helmet and basic repair kit, here are a few more cycling accessories you may want to pick up from your favourite bicycle shop for your next ride around Singapore.

1. Lights
If you’re planning to ride at night, your bike should have front and rear light on it—or at the very least have reflective lights on. The lights you need are more like for making you visible to other motorists than lighting your way, unless you plan on riding through the forest at night. Before riding, make sure to check that your lights are fully charged or you have enough batteries so you won’t run out.

2. Phone Mount
Although you should be keeping your eyes on the road, seasoned cyclists prefer to have phone mounts as one of their essential bicycle accessories. This accessory makes it convenient if you are headed somewhere unfamiliar and need Google Maps for directions.

3. Bike Trailer
If you use your bike as your primary means of transportation around Singapore, you should invest in a bike trailer. A good bike trailer can make everyday trips easier. You can go grocery shopping, run errands or pick up packages with your bike without worrying about burdensome boxes and heavy grocery bags.

4. Fenders
For city dwellers, one of the must-have bicycle accessories is a set of fenders or mudguards. Go to a bicycle shop in Singapore and look for a pair that fits the size of your bike. These are very helpful to keep mud and rain water from hitting you and staining your clothes. They also serve as a great space to attach your rear lights to.

5. A Lock
Even if your workplace has indoor storage that lets you park your bike, a lock is always good to have in case of unplanned stops. You never know where you need to leave your bicycle, and of course you would want to find it just where you left it.

6. Waterproof Jacket
This one is technically not a bike accessory, but an essential for the bike rider. To keep you (a little bit) dry under the rain, get yourself a cycling jacket. This is not just any jacket, but one that suits your cycling needs. A good bicycle shop offers a selection of high-visibility ones made from reflective, breathable and waterproof materials. Make sure to get yourself a good one.

When riding your bike, especially for long rides, your safety and comfort should always be considered, and this may require equipping your bike with the right bicycle accessories. Other than the necessary safety gears, such as your helmet and knee pads, these accessories can offer much more comfort and safety anywhere and anytime you wish to ride.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

How to Trim Your Pet Dog’s Fur Correctly

Find yourself going to the pet grooming service too often and it’s too expensive? Then why not do it yourself?

Though there can be some dogs that aren’t afraid of going through a little trim, most would start running under the kitchen table at the sight of clippers. However, trimming your dog’s coat doesn’t have to be that hard – once you get them to calm down, there’s really nothing to be afraid of.

Here are some tips that you should follow to keep your pet’s precious coat feeling luxurious and healthy:

  1. Bathe and brush your dog regularly.

A good part of making any pet grooming service easier is to make sure that the fur coat clips easily, and that means bathing and brushing your dog regularly.

It helps to cut off any matted hair because the locked-in moisture as well as the dried skin could host bacteria and mites that could cause irritation, as well as prevent tangling and clumping that could make grooming difficult, or even painful.


  1. Go for clippers.

Most clippers are really cheap and you can go for any style, but if you prefer to go for something more specialized just for your dog, make sure that you buy a clipper specifically designed for pet grooming in Singapore from local pet shops.

You should also take care of your clippers. Invest in clipper spray to keep your blades clean and well-lubricated. Make sure that the blades are sharp, as they’re more likely to hurt your dog if they’re blunt.

You should also make sure that the blades don’t get too hot, as they can burn your dog. Make it a habit to turn them off regularly and check their temperature by touching them. If your blades get too hot, you can either let the clipper rest, switch out the blades, or put the hot blade on a cold baking sheet.



  1. Know when you should trim your pet’s coat.

If your pet has a long coat or one that keeps on growing, a time period of six to eight weeks would be a good start. Dogs whose fur coats are regularly brushed to make sure matted hair does not grow are usually fine without grooming, but for dogs whose hair mats easily, you may need to clip their fur coats short more often.

What you should never do to your dog, however, is shave them completely. Though the humid climate in Singapore may make you want to make sure your pet is cool by removing their fur coat, you might actually end up making them more prone to overheating instead.


  1. Know your dog and its coat.

Though this doesn’t mean you can’t go for a little creativity when trimming your pet’s hair, it’s probably a smart decision to visit a pet grooming service or a veterinarian at least once for advice on what your dog’s ideal fur coat should look like and/or how thick it should be.