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Theatre Etiquette & Student Ticket Terms


We ask that all patrons observe the following guidelines to help keep the theatre experience an enjoyable one for all. At the Playhouse, we feel it’s important to provide both the rule and the reason when discussing theatre etiquette. As you read the suggestions below, please consider why and how this etiquette came to be.

Thou shalt arrive on time.
Imagine the disruption a late arrival can cause to both the performers and your fellow audience members.

Thou shalt sit in thy assigned seat.
Sitting in someone else’s seat can cause chaos! When in doubt, show your ticket to an usher for assistance.

Thou shalt refrain from talking or whispering during the performance.
You’re not at home watching television. You're a part of live theatre!

Thou shalt open thy candy wrappers at intermission. 
Sound effects for this production have been chosen by the designers.

Thou shalt abstain from singing along with the performers.
General auditions are held in Spring/Summer. We encourage you to sing away, after the show.

Thou shalt only consume food or drinks in the theatre lobby.
Noisy snacking and sipping during the performance is distracting. Only water is allowed in the theatre.

Thou shalt keep your feet, hands and rhythm-tapping to thyself.
Audience members in your vicinity do not appreciate your performance.

Thou shalt stay in thy seat during the performance. 
Moving to and fro disrupts the show for everyone. 

Thou shalt turn OFF all thy electronic devices.
Your glowing screen is an unpleasant lighting effect for others. We love to text, tweet, facebook and blog, too, but please, save it for after the performance.  

[before or after the performance]




  • Attendance numbers and full payment is due four weeks prior to your performance date.
  • A payment for a booking made within two weeks of a performance date is due at time of the booking.
  • Ticket orders unpaid by payment date will be released for sale.
  • Payment can be made by credit card or cheque (payable to Playhouse Theatre Company).
  • Prices are in Canadian funds and include G.S.T.
  • Refunds after your payment cannot be processed.
  • Exchanges after your performance date cannot be processed.

Tickets by post or courier

  • Upon payment, tickets will be mailed unless we are unable to mail tickets in time, depending on your mailing address and performance date.
  • There is no additional mailing charge.

Tickets in person at the Vancouver Playhouse Box Office

  • The group contact or designate who originally made the booking should arrive at the Playhouse Theatre’s box office, located on Hamilton and Dunsmuir, which opens two hours prior to the show. To avoid delays and line-ups, we strongly recommend picking up your tickets no later than half an hour prior to the show.
  • Tickets will be entrusted only to the group contact or designate who originally made the booking.

Student pricing applies to those under the age of 25 or full time students with a valid student ID.