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Partnerships - DAREarts


The Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company has joined forces again with DAREarts, a non-profit charity that “ignites change” in young Canadians through the arts to create a series of academically-grounded lessons that are linked to our production of La Cage aux Folles. In the Playhouse’s 2010/2011 season, DAREarts students focused on The Fantasticks. DAREarts builds courage and confidence in children, empowering them to become tomorrow's leaders by harnessing the core power of the arts: Discipline, Action, Responsibility and Excellence.  

During the week of November 28, 2011, Grade 7 students from False Creek Elementary School explored commedia dell’arte, contemporary dance, costumes, literature and masks. Through these mediums, the students examined the balance of protecting anonymity and revealing true identity. These students used La Cage aux Folles to examine their identities by asking “Who am I?” and “Who are you?” The program sessions took place in the Vancouver Playhouse’s Recital Hall. 

In addition to the performance pieces enjoyed on December 3, 2011, the process and product of the DAREarts Vancouver program are represented in the current exhibition of four 4’x4’ murals, all of which are created by the students themselves. The murals are grounded in the script of La Cage aux Folles and accented by their artistic interpretation of the question “Who are we?”

Marilyn Field (founder), Geneviève E. Anthony, Trisha De Luca, Leslie Hannigan

Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company
Hub International
False Creek Elementary School
City of Vancouver
Opus Framing & Art Supplies 

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Learn more about 2010 DAREarts partnership below.

Photos by Tracy Bender
When: Week of Oct 18 (9:30-2:30pm)
Where: Vancouver Playhouse's RECITAL HALL
Participants: 27 at-risk children from Britannia Elementary Community School (Grade 7)
Facilitators: Marilyn Field, Geneviève E. Anthony, Joanna Hogan, Trisha De Luca
Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company
Opus Framing & Art Supplies
Britannia Elementary Community School
Canucks Family Education Centre

DuringThe Fantasticks, we joined forces with DAREarts, a non-profit charity that “ignites change” in young at-risk Canadians through the arts, to create a series of academically-grounded lessons that are linked to the Playhouse’s production of The Fantasticks through dance, movement, drama, literature, and visual arts.

Each day during the week of October 18th, Grade 7 children from Britannia Elementary Community School and their teacher (Justin Borsato) examined language and its role in storytelling, as well as learning how dance, movement and the use of visual symbols can emulate one's deepest reactions to one's own emotions.

The children created their own performance piece grounded in the script of The Fantasticks as well as painting four 4’x4’ murals that are accented by their self explored dramatic and artistic interpretation of the question "What is Love?" The performance piece and the murals were showcased in the lobby of the Vancouver Playhouse. The murals are now on display in the upper lobby.