When to Call an Aircon Servicing Company?

The air conditioning system is invaluable in any home and office in Singapore, but its continuous use also makes it prone to a lot of problems that need the expertise of an aircon servicing company.

If you experience any of the fifteen common issues listed below, do not hesitate to call an aircon repair or aircon maintenance crew to address the problem.

1. Thermostat Problems. The thermostat is that dial or button that controls the temperature settings on your air conditioner unit. Make sure that it’s working properly by hiring an aircon servicing company for proper aircon installation and regular aircon maintenance.

2. Sensor Problems. The sensor is part of the thermostat that measures the air temperature. If the temperature fluctuates or the cooling is uneven, you should hire an aircon technician to pinpoint the source of the problem. The sensor might be displaced from its spot or needs to be replaced.

3. Failure in the Electric Control. The aircon service contractor from Singapore can make sure that all the electrical parts in your air conditioner are working properly through regular aircon servicing. If your aircon shuts down for no obvious reasons, it could potentially damage the fan and compressor.

4. Cooling Problems. Your air conditioner might be working, but there will be problems in the cooling and temperature consistency. The problem could be solved by cleaning or replacing the air filter, but you should contact an aircon technician in Singapore to inspect other possible causes of the problem. Usually, units with this recurring problem have not been installed properly because its exterior is constantly exposed to the elements, vegetation, debris, and dirt outside. Proper insulation will also keep the temperature levels constant, that is why you should always ask for assistance from an aircon servicing technician when installing a new air conditioner unit.

5. Leaks in the Air Conditioner. Check for water leaks in your air conditioner if you notice any changes in the temperature. The condensate line could be clogged and dirty or there is ice around the aircon’s coils. Your air conditioner’s refrigerant might leak, causing the temperature of the cool air to fluctuate even if you do not touch the thermostat at all. If not addressed as soon as possible, the refrigerant can cause ice to build up on the coils. Make sure that your air conditioner gets regular aircon maintenance because the leaks might be found in places that are difficult to spot. The cost of repairs is affected by the extent of the damage and the location of the original leak.

6. Low Refrigerant Level. The refrigerant is the liquid responsible for cooling the air. If the levels are too low, it could be a sign that there is a leak. Call an aircon technician like http://www.airconmaster.sg/ in Singapore to inspect your unit and recharge the refrigerant properly.

7. Frozen or Dirty Coils. There are two coils that need regular aircon servicing from an experienced technician. The condenser coils, located outside the unit, are constantly exposed to the elements and need to be hosed down once a year. The evaporator coils, responsible for absorbing the heat from the air-conditioned space, also need aircon maintenance yearly or once every three years.

8. Air Conditioner Drainage. The drain line of your air conditioner needs to be kept clean regularly through aircon maintenance to remove the lint, dust, and dirt. If not cleaned regularly, the drain pipes can leak into the unit and damage the sensitive parts.

9. Air Conditioner Maintenance.
Other problems that might be caused by a poorly maintained air conditioner unit can cause it to stop functioning. When this happens, call an aircon servicing technician in Singapore to inspect the motor, compressor, and the capacitors of the air conditioner. Some parts that are beyond aircon repair might need replacement especially when they are worn out or are too dirty.

10. Exterior Unit Problems. The part of your air conditioner that is constantly exposed to the elements can be damaged by the heat, rain, and debris. Regular aircon servicing, however, can make your unit last longer and avoid these problems.

11. Faulty Wiring in the Air Conditioner. Faulty wiring can cause fires because the unit might not be getting enough power, or the unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker. To avoid these problems, you should hire an aircon technician to install, inspect, and maintain your unit.

12. Bad Odors from the Air Conditioner. Your aircon unit is not safe from moisture and growth of mold or mildew if not properly maintained. Your air conditioner goes through a cycle of cooling and warming, sometimes creating a problem in the evaporation of the moisture in the air. Schedule a regular aircon maintenance to keep your unit in good condition.

13. Dirty Filters. This problem can be addressed with regular filter cleaning or replacement. Dirty filters are often the cause of common problems in air conditioning units because they reduce the quality of the air produced and hinders proper air flow. Proper aircon maintenance, therefore, reduces the need for major aircon repair jobs in the future. If you are not sure that your aircon filter needs a replacement, call an aircon servicing company in Singapore to inspect and clean your unit.

14. Unusual Noises from the Air Conditioner.
Most modern air conditioners should not produce unusual noises like rattling, screeching, and clicking sounds. If this happens, it might be a sign that your aircon needs a thorough cleaning and inspection. Sometimes, hosing down the unit will do the trick; however, the strange noises could also be caused by faulty relays and more serious problems.

15. Proper Installation.
Call an aircon technician to install your new aircon unit. This will ensure that some of the common problems listed above can be avoided. The technician will also give you tips for proper usage and when to schedule aircon maintenance and which problems need immediate aircon repair.

Note: This list is compiled in no particular order.